What do i need to know to register

Welcome, by continuing on this page you can register as a Supervisor user on the LYOTECH Cloud in order to activate and manage the BRIDGe service. Before continuing, we invite you to carefully read the privacy policy available at the following link: Privacy terms - BRIDGe

People involved:

  • Monitored person: is the one who will be monitored by activating the BRIDGe service; must provide all the necessary authorizations to activate the service through the SUPERVISOR user.
  • Supervisor user: is the one who takes care of the activation and management of the service. Its identity can coincide with that of the monitored subject or be an authorized third party.
  • Observer users: anyone who use the BRIDGe mobile App to observe the monitored person.

BRIDGe monitoring:

  • The apartment of the monitored person will be equipped with environmental sensor to collect data about his/her wellbeing;
  • the supervisor user can configure and purchase the best sensor configuration according to the needs of the person being monitored;
  • LyoTech does not use cameras or other devices that may be intrusive for the person monitored.

Registration process:

  • At the end of this procedure, you will be able to access the LyoTech Cloud web portal and request the activation of the BRIDGe service;
  • One of our operators will contact you to collect the necessary documentation and to assist you in configuring the service.

Once the service is active we will send you the LyoTech monitoring system and you can download the BRIDGe App from the Android store.